Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Listen to Episode 4 - Totally transformed - with Monica Shanahan

Listen to Episode 4 - Totally transformed - with Monica Shanahan from Strong Voices - overcoming speaking challenges podcast.


My first live podcast

Here I’m talking about my stuttering history and overcoming my speaking challenges, in my first live podcast, episode 4.

Discriminated customer - Timmy’s Kitchen, Manuka ACT

The other day, I had experienced such horrible customer service and discrimination from Timmy’s. I have been going there for over 30 plus years. While ordering, I got stuck with my speech, as I have a server stutter. The lady, not sure if she was the owner, was very cold, harsh and extremely abrupt with me, as I tried to explain to her what a stutter was.

She pushed the menu at me, and said for me to pick something, and that she will be back in a few minutes, and left.

I was that enraged with anger and have never felt so discriminated in my life!! I was about to leave, then and there!! But, I was ordering not for myself, but for my husband. Has anyone else, felt discriminated before at Timmy’s?

That lady will never see my face there again! I do not wish to know, what other people with a more challenging disability will face, with this awful customer service, that I have experience from this one particular person.

I suggest management look into this very seriously! Some compassion and understanding will go along way. But don’t be surprised if you never see this behaviour at Timmy’s.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Speaking Free - Fremantle and Beyond

Monica (Mosmondor) Shanahan's article in the Speak easy - Speaking Free Newsletter

Autumn 2004

Monday, 31 July 2017

Educational Achievements Archive - District 70

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Educational Achievements Archive - District 70
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Sunday, 1 January 2017

I CAME, I SAW, I CONQUERED - Monica Shanahan's Toastmasters Award

Monica Shanahan's Toastmasters Award

Competent Communicator Award, Monica Shanahan
22nd December 2016