Update - Stutter Progress

Sunday 14 August 2016

Hi everyone, just an update with my speech progress.
I have started a TAFE course. Since I have started for three weeks now, my speech (Stutter) has been quite bad. I don't know why...

As you can see since my last video 'The Master of Suspense', I have been doing pretty well, and very fluent.

But I'm sure all you stutters would know starting a new job or school can bring stress. And I think all those emotions and meeting new people has brought this on.

It was very frustrating going to get my CIT card, and before I opened my mouth, I was blocking straight away! I hate when I get blank stares, and even though in my head I'm saying what I want to say, the delivery was not working....

Oh well, I just know that I have to start my smooth speech practice from scratch, and move on. Three weeks of this dis-fluency is too long, and I can see my self esteem is low.

I have my first evaluation at Toastmasters on Wednesday, so wish me luck!
At least I will have my practise on the spot.

I have to work on my next speech, Number 5! Half way.

See you all soon,