Discriminated customer - Timmy’s Kitchen, Manuka ACT

The other day, I had experienced such horrible customer service and discrimination from Timmy’s. I have been going there for over 30 plus years. While ordering, I got stuck with my speech, as I have a server stutter. The lady, not sure if she was the owner, was very cold, harsh and extremely abrupt with me, as I tried to explain to her what a stutter was.

She pushed the menu at me, and said for me to pick something, and that she will be back in a few minutes, and left.

I was that enraged with anger and have never felt so discriminated in my life!! I was about to leave, then and there!! But, I was ordering not for myself, but for my husband. Has anyone else, felt discriminated before at Timmy’s?

That lady will never see my face there again! I do not wish to know, what other people with a more challenging disability will face, with this awful customer service, that I have experience from this one particular person.

I suggest management look into this very seriously! Some compassion and understanding will go along way. But don’t be surprised if you never see this behaviour at Timmy’s.